I am a parent of a girl who struggles.  You may know a boy.  You may know a girl who has a boy.  Or, you may be that boy.  

I know Violet.  She has been put into my life to challenge what I thought I knew.  She has taught me more about myself in her 12 years than I could have learned in 25.  It is the most dire feeling, self reflective, opportunity for growth I have ever faced.  And, it's never-ending.  My love for her is unconditional.  I learn my deficits and I nurture my strengths.  It puts strains on my marriage, my other kids, my feelings of myself.  And I love her for it.  She has taught us all empathy we never could have known.    

Violet has gone through a lifetime of trials at 12 years old.  She has emotional issues that have plagued her since infancy.  Navigating this struggle has exposed me to profound experiences.  I have this feeling of such gratitude for what we have learned. 

I want to be open and share.  I want to inspire others to share.  I want 'shame' to have it's ass kicked out of this conversation.  

There is comfort in knowing how common these issues are.  Once I started talking about it?  Literally 1 out of every 2 parents I spoke to had an experience to share.  So here we are - a space where we can ask questions, get resources, understand more and be inspired to have hope, resiliency, pride and proactivity.  Call it what you want - parent community?  Resource sharing?  A no judgment, open, raw, unfiltered, vulnerable dose of reality?  

Emotional issues.  Behavioral challenges.  Disorders.  Traumas.  Let's have the conversation no one is having.  I want to help parents help their kids and themselves.  It will make ME feel better!  

You are not alone.